Current investment for the vision of your busiiness is critical for his status now, but your vision is critical for the future of your business.

As you may be allready know, each project takes different range of time, ressources, skills and budjet to be realised. That’s why we can not give you specific price before we meet your needs and requirements. That we can do with few lines of text here is to help you understend our pricing formula!

TE (Time and Effort) + S (Skills needed) + EX (Expenses for proffesional tools and software for your project) = TP (Total Price)


We can show you few examples for web design planning of price but that does not mean the price for your specific project will be in range of that examples, unless you have not any personal requirements for your personal project.  You can see more detailed explaination about website pricing and what you pay for in our blog article “Cheaper or Expensive website to choose. What you pay for?


Suitable for personal, small bussiness sites and blogs.

✔ Few days effort
✔ Standart template with minimum personal customisations (responsive/mobile)
✔ Adding content for up to 5 pages/sections (Example: Home, About us, Contact, Gallery)
✔ Standart On-Page SEO optimisation
✔ Social Plugins integration
Off Page SEO Optimisation
Social Network sourse optimiasation.

PRICE RANGE: $300 – $1 000


Suitable for standart company sites and online stores.

✔ 1-2 weeks effort
✔ Standart template with personal customisations (responsive/mobile)
✔ Adding content for up to 10 pages/sections (Example: Home, About us, Contact, Gallery, Few products or few differend services sections etc…)
✔ Standart ON Page + Off Page optimisation
✔ Social Plugins integration + Social Network sourse optimiasation.

PRICE RANGE: $1 000 – $2 000


Suitable for proffesional web sites and online stores.

✔ 1 month effort or above
✔ Planning and strategy for website functionality and optimisation
✔ Custom web design (responsive/mobile)
✔ Adding web content associated with client needs and customer comfort.
✔ Professional ON Page + Off Page optimisation
✔ Social Plugins integration + Social Network sourse optimiasation.

PRICE RANGE: $2 000 – $3 000 AND ABOVE…

You are wondering how much your project will cost?

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Branding and graphic design are extremly important for each bussines! May be there is still a lot of big bussinesses without web sites over the wiorld but not without a brand. The brand is the face and the voice of your business. It is his visual and mental identity.

Design of the brand is not just good sincronisation of colors, lines and curves! It brings a sense of inspiration. Read more about branding proccess in our blog article Branding and Rebranding. How and why?

That’s why we add one new key symbol to our existing pricing formula: “C” for (Creativity). You want to talk with our specialists for your branding or graphic design?

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Similar like web design pricing above, we will need your bussiness details, plans and needs before give you details about price.
What kind of technical support and maintance your project/website need for?
How much time and effort we have to invest, to do the job that you want from us?
What kind of Skills are required?
Does it need some Expenses for proffesional tools and software?

Contact us and let’s find out together.

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